Msabbaha - مسبحة

Dear fellow readers and bloggers, sorry for disappearing again! I just got back from Lebanon! A little change from the crappy weather in Europe :( Now, seems like spring is in the air :) So I guess my energy is back, yes!
This recipe is very simple and very similar to the Hommus with tahini but with a bit more tahini and not as thick as the Hommus mix. So for this recipe you'll need:
- Prepare the Hommus recipe just like you normally do (or check my Hommus recipe if it's your first time) then add to it:
- Half a cup of whole cooked chickpeas, another small spoon of tahini sauce with half a cup of water, and add some cumin. Some chopped parsley for decoration and olive oil on top and voila!
Serve with pita bread and assorted pickles, or a plate of fresh cut vegetables (tomatoes, mint, cucumber, green onions and some radishes).


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Arlette said...

Marhaba Mag
I missed you friend. How is Beirut and every one there???
Glad that you got the chance to visit, the first year I came here, I was crying day and night, and blaming myself from leaving Orlando and Uncle Disney to come to land-of-no-where. We might do a step and move a little bit down south. Still under consideration.

Is this similar to the Fatteh Hummus, because all is missing is the toasted bread on top with sprinkle of cumin and paprika.

Love your photos my friend...they talk to me

MAG said...

Marhaba Arlette!!!
Walla I missed you too :) Beirut was great, all is good and the weather was awesome!!!! Oh yeah big difference between Orlando and where you are :( Can't wait to go back to the States, yalla a couple of years will pass by quickly inshallah!
I was introduced to this dish when I was in Lebanon, it's very similar to Hommus bi tahini bas with more tahini and cumin and it's a bit looser. I make fatteh with laban and not tahini. I would say try it with fried bread!
I am glad you like my photos :) Thanks a lot.

tasteofbeirut said...


So glad you are back in our crazy blogosphere! I noticed not many people blog in lebanon because not many people even use computers at home! and the connection there was too slow! Hope this will change soon. Thanks for alerting me to a new recipe and waiting for more!
Take care Joumana

MAG said...

Hi Joumana! Thanks a lot :) Oh yes, the internet connection there is sooo bad, even DSL is not that fast! I could not blog at all! Honestly I don't think it will change anytime soon :(

pierre said...

nice blog I love lebanese food !! hope you will share with us some good recipe i can't wait! Pierre

MAG said...

Hi Pierre! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am glad you like Lebanese food.

Cherine said...

Love your lebanese recipes!! I was in Lebanon too the last month, the weather was awesome, and now i am back to paris and it's pouring rain :(

MAG said...

Thank you Cherine :) Oh really? maybe we should meet one day when both of us are there :) Oh yeah the weather was great!!!!! And here in Germany it's miserable too :(

Anonymous said...

Msabbaha looks really different. Is it the water that makes the change? I've been trying to do some hummus but it doesn't get near as tasty as in a restaurant nearby. I think theyre actually serving Msabbaha judging the color. It is brighter in color.

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