Hi Everyone!!!
In my previous post, I talked about a giveaway. Well, here it comes! I have been contacted by CSN online stores and as soon as checked their websites I REALLY fell in love with a lot of the items they sell! I felt like I wanna order & order & order! What really thrilled me is their affiliate German site which I can also use here in Germany :)
Another thing that amazed me was the home bars, this is something that I myself consider to be a necessity for people who like to entertain a lot (like us) :)
I chose my giveaway from their other site and it took me forever, because I simply could not make up on my mind easily :) but finally I did. My choice landed on this Le Creuset 6-Quart Stock Pot
I use Le Creuset and love their quality! It heats rapidly, really good for slow simmering, doesn't absorb odors or flavors and is easy to clean. Very elegant item.

So come on, residents of the US and Canada all you have to do is let me know if you like this item :) Then the names of all of you will enter the draw through and the winner will be contacted to receive it! Soooooooo easy no???
I am waiting...

Last day to participate is Sunday May 16. Good luck to all the participants!


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Penny Haesloop said...

It's gorgeous - I always wanted a Le Creuset, but I could never put down the $$ for it!

edmontonjb said...

I LOVE this item! I've never used any Le Creuset but have heard so many good things about the brand. Great choice!


Maha said...

I have heard a lot about Le Creuset, but could never afford the cost.

Karthika said...

Sure would love to have them if I am lucky enough

kanadiyah said...

~ looks awesome, i like it!

Amera said...

What a fabulous giveaway! I would love that beautiful pot!!

Carolsue said...

What a great item! And the color is way cool! Thanks for the giveaway!
digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

Jennifer said...

I ADORE this item. It is what I didn't get for Christmas, my birthday, International Womens' Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, any one of my three wedding anniversaries and so on and so on and so on.

and I love your kibbeh balls...

Tartine said...

I've been pining for one forever! Thank you my dear!

Rox said...

I LIKE this item a lot!

7aki Fadi said...

Love it! Love the color!!!!

Love your blog :) .

Domestic Diva said...

This looks great! Love LeCreuset!

Thanks for the chance.

Sharon said...

This pot is gorgeous. My stocks would be better for using it. :)

starcooks said...

Absolute nice done site. Go on.

best regards


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