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Moroccan Couscous with Beef - Walima Cooking Club Challenge

Happy beginning of a new decade! This was the Walima Challenge for the month of December featuring the Moroccan cuisine, but due to the holidays and all, I am late, but it's never too late when it comes to good food ;) So here's the couscous with beef that I made.
The recipe is copied and pasted as given by the Walima site.
I skipped the squash, and the smen and replaced it with canola vegetable oil. I added a small bell pepper too. The couscous I found in the market had a sachet of mixed herbs and garlic that I added to and turned out to be very good. I made couscous with beef before but with more ingredients like turnips, cabbage, potatoes and eggplant. This recipe is pretty good and easy.


Ingredients :
- 1 pound couscous
- 1 pound meat (beef), you can use chicken or lamb.
- 2-3 carrots
- 3 zucchini
- 3 tomatoes
- squash
- 1 big onion
- parsley & coriander
- chickpeas
- 2 Tbs vegetable oil
- 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/2 tsp turmeric, pinch pf saffron
- water
optional :
- 1/2 tsp smen (butter ghee)

Steps :
Heat the oil at medium temperature, add chopped onion and the meat.
After 15 min, add chopped tomatoes, parsley, coriander and the spices, let cook 10 min, add water, let cook 1hour.
To prepare the couscous :
Add some water and fluff it up with your hands, let it soak.

After the meat has cooked 1 hour, place couscous in the steamer pot and let steam 20 min.
Remove couscous from the heat, let it cool, add water, fluff it with your hands, add salt and oil, if you want, you can add smen (butter ghee).
Put couscous to steam another 20 min.
Add carrots to the meat, after 10 min, add zucchini, squash, chickpeas, let cook.
To serve, place couscous first, then the meat, the vegetables and the sauce.

If you don't have a couscous pot, you can follow the same steps using a microwave.


  1. Marhaba Mag kifik

    this is so funny, I just finished a new post, then when I went to review the post I saw your posting then took me couple of minutes to recognize that youjust post it. How funny...
    it look delicious , and great photos.. love the clay pots...

    When will you share some baking secrets???

  2. Hi Arlette!!!
    Yeah, I posted this very late before I went to bed, I still have to upload it to Walima's site :)
    Wallah ya Arlette there's something weird between me and baking sweets and stuff :( maybe because I don't like sweets. But I made a chocolate pie the other day and it turned out pretty good :) I dunno why I didn't post it, you reminded me, thanks!

  3. I have not been the best in participating in the walima challenges!! i feel bad but i hope i can get back to it soon...i am so busy with lots of things...2010 seems to be a busy year i guess!
    Your recipe and photos look great as usual.

  4. Hi Mag!
    I am so glad you posted late, that way I won't feel too bad posting real late too!
    Great-looking couscous and wishing you a great new beginning in Europe (must be exciting!)

  5. Summer! Long time!!!! Uh don't feel bad, I've been all over the place lately, but I wanna be back on track soon!

    Oh no don't feel bad, it's never too late to post a good meal! Oh my, the beginning in Europe is nothing but SNOW!!! I miss Texas & Beirut :(

  6. Welcome back my friend.
    We do the same recipe in Morocco.

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