Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kibbeh Balls without Stuffing

I guess the craving for kibbeh is not over yet :) This time it's with meat but without the stuffing. The recipe of kibbeh balls appetizers with stuffing is already posted in the appetizers section. This time I had some kibbeh left and decided just to make balls and fry them without the stuffing for a change. I like to have them with a green salad and some fries.

Kibbeh ingredients: (or any leftover kibbeh)
1 pound/lb or about 500g of minced lean meat
2 cups of fine bulgur wheat
1 onion chopped/diced
1 teaspoon of allspice or 7 spices
Salt & pepper (about half a teaspoon of each)
1/3 cup of vegetable oil

Wash the bulgur and drain, mix with the lean meat, onions, spices, salt & pepper and place in the food processor on low or mix by hand until the ingredients combine together then place in a bowl. Make the balls and fry them in vegetable oil until cooked and golden brown. Serve with fries and salad or just salad. I suggest making sandwiches like Falafel style sandwiches or wraps with greens, pickles and the dressing of your choice.

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farida said...

Mag, long time to blogosee:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Been so bad about checking other blogs lately. Your kibbeh looks and sounds delicious. I love kibbeh, although I have tried the Turkish version of it. I would love to make it the Lebanese way too. One day:)

MAG said...

Thanks Farida :) It is kinda similar to the Turkish one. Glad you like Kibbeh :)

tasteofbeirut said...

Yummy! I love it it is easy to give up making kibbeh when it is time-consuming with the stuffing and all! So this way, no excuse!

El Oteador de los Mercados said...

A delicious authentic recipes. I take note.

gourmed said...

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