Super quick Man'oushi (Zaatar sandwich)

Zaatar is one of my favourite spice or herb or condiment or whatever you wish to call it. Man'oushi pies (Zaatar pies) are a Lebanese specialty, whether for breakfeast or as an appetizer. But if you are craving one and pie crust or dough is not ready why not replace it with a slice of bread like I did!
All you have to do is mix it with olive oil and spread it on the sandwich and toast it for a bit and voila!
I also had one with cream cheese and just sprinkled some zaatar on top, mmmmmm!!!

P.S: This Zaatar mix can be found in Middle Eastern stores. It is mixed with sumac and sesame seeds.


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Maggie said...

I love zaatar bread. There was a bakery across the street from our last house with a brick oven that made zaatar bread and a lot of other middle eastern flatbreads with toppings. Your post has me missing that place.

by MAG said...

Hey Maggie! Yeah I miss those bakeries too :( we don't have them in this part of Virginia, but I'm gonna post a recipe of the Zaatar Manou'shi baked in the oven this week :)

Ro&Mi said...

Yum! Can't wait to try this, so much easier than using dough.
I make something very similar, indian style. Its the same recipe, with bread, cream cheese, and cucumbers but I always used Chaat Masala instead of Zaa'tar. :) Thanks for sharing, great pic!

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