Snacking 2: Green Almonds (Lawz akhdar)-لوز اخضر

These are my favorite snacks: Green almonds. They can be found during a very short period in springtime, while they are still soft from the inside, so you can chew and eat the whole almond. They are a bit sour, they taste even better when they are dipped in a bit of salt. Serve along with drinks and some assorted nuts and kernels.
- Just wash them, drain them and serve. You eat the whole almond, no need to peel the skin or anything.


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Laurie Constantino said...

I'm curious about the green almonds - do you peel off the fuzzy skin before you eat them? Also, on the green chickpeas, do you eat them raw or cook them? If you wouldn't mind answering, my email is tasteslikehome[at]hotmail[dot]come. You have a very interesting blog - I like it very much.

Christie @ fig & cherry said...

I've just come across your blog and I'm in heaven! I love green olives too... my lovely Tatah passed away a few years ago and never taught us any of her recipes. I've been trying to hunt down a recipe for a Lebanese soup we used to call 'Spaceship soup' - it's a runny yoghurt soup with handmade dumplings with minced lamb, I think. Do you know it?

Great blog, I'll be back! xx

by MAG said...

- Laurie, thanks a lot I love your site too and I emailed you back with details.

- Christie, thanks a lot and I love your website too! I will look for that recipe, but there's quite a few, sometimes they are served over rice too, let me know exactly which one and I will be more than happy to email it to you.

jj said...

Green almonds; heard of them but have never actually seen them before. I'm curious about that fuzzy skin, too and do they taste as good as "regular" almonds?

by MAG said...

Hey jj,
Well some people can get allergies from almonds fuzzy skin, this is why it's always recommended to wash them and drain them. In this stage they taste a bit sour, like apple sour, different from the regular almonds because they are in the early stage where you can still chew on the skin, the later stage is when you start using a nutcracker and then you can eat the inside only which is the regular almond.

Evan Mallett said...

Hi. We have used green almonds and love them. But we are curious: if someone has a nut allergy, are they still allergic to green almonds? I saw that you said to wash the skins, but is that all? thanks, Denise

by MAG said...

Hey Evan/Denise, thanks for stopping by :)
Well, in my opinion, it depends on what kinds of nuts they are allergic to. Always good to consult with the doctor or have a new test. Most people don't like to wash them, they wipe them with a paper towel or similar, but I do wash them because of the fuzzy skin, quick rinse and dry and that's it :)

pixen said...

Interesting... I like to taste that one day - if I found some Green Almonds. May I know when it's the best month to find them?

I'm now imagine dipping them in sweet & sour plum powder. In my country, it's a well known cured dried plum grind into powder and popular as dipping for green mangoes, pickles,etc.

by MAG said...

Hi Pixen,
Early springtime is the best time to find them. It might be too late now. I bought them last month, because in later spring or summer you won't be able to chew on them, you will need a nutcracker and then you eat the almond inside and discard the shell, since they get really hard.

Marianna said...

these are amazing- i only get them when I'm in the Middle East (as they tend to be quite abundant there). Love them, with the salt of course... this post brings back a lot of memories for me!

Arlette said...

Ya Maggie
Shahayteeni kteer kteer
I didn't taste the Green Almond,Ganarig,and green pistachios since I left Lebanon...... I want some right now... My God I am missing lots of goodies...

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