Snacking: Green Chickpeas

These green chickpeas are very healthy snacks and they are good with drinks. They are also very tasty in salads. They can be found in the produce section in Middle Eastern stores or in Korean grocery stores. You eat those raw, take off the skin or shell and eat the chickpea. Enjoy healthy snacking!


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pixen said...

Hi Mag,

Would you believe that this is the 1st time I saw fresh and green chickpeas... :-O

Most of time it's yellowish and dried peas... :-( Even the steamed chickpeas sold by the indian man by the roadside & stalls are yellow! I think they must have plumped up the dried chickpeas until soft by steam or preboiled first. Gosh... I'm like a frog under a coconut shell! :-D You saved me & now I can escape from that coconut shell...yipeee...

by MAG said...

Hey Pixen,
Green chickpeas are really good :) We used to pick them when we were kids and eat them on the spot! I was so glad to find them here in the US too. I love them with salads and I use them to stuff vegetarian grape leaves too. Yummy!!!

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