Fresh Dandelion Salad- سلطة الهندبة او الهندباء

I love dandelions! They are very healthy so when I see them at the store I can't help myself. The ones I found this time were very soft and not bitter at all so I decided to make a small fresh salad. This canm be served with pretty much any meal.

Ingredients (very simple):
Washed, drained and chopped dandelions, some chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, half a teaspoon of sumac spice, salt & pepper to taste.

Place the chopped dandelions in a bowl, then add the tomatoes. I add the sumac spice along with the salt to the onion and mix them all together then add them to the salad. Drizzle the mixed olive oil and lemon juice, then finally add the black pepper.


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Anonymous said...

I found your blog through someone else's blog. The food looks absolutely delicious! I'm definitely bookmarking this one.

by MAG said...

Thanks a lot for stopping by :) and liking my blog too, I appreciate that :)

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