Be back posting recipes soon!

Being in Lebanon for the last few weeks has been keeping me from posting recipes. Time just flies here and I am not cooking during my vacation, but I will cook and post some recipes very soon and while I'm still here. Meanwhile, here's a photo of a kind of Lebanese sweet that we were having the other night after dinner with some friends. It's called "KARABEEJ", these are pistachios stuffed cookies like "Maamoul" and you dip them with a specially prepared cream called "NATEF". This kind of dipping cream is not easy to make at home, I would say very difficult to get the main ingredient to prepare it called "soapwart", so everybody here buys this kind of dessert or sweet, or if the cookies are prepared at home, the cream can be bought seperately from the sweet shops or Patisseries. I found a recipe on the net they call it "Karabeej Aleppo" so maybe the origin of this dessert came from Syria. Here's the recipe link just in case anybody would like to give it a try, the site is Discover Lebanon


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farida said...

Mag, hope you are having a fantastic time in Lebanon. Come back soon with lots of Lebanese delicacies!

by MAG said...

Thanks Farida!!! I promise I will...;D

Helene said...

I so glad I just discovered your blog. I just love Lebanese cuisine and have been cooking it for years now. I'll be back for more.

by MAG said...

Merci Helene, Je vais ajouter tes blogs chez moi! I really like them :) and I am glad that you like mine.

avesta said...

You are making me miss Lebanon! I was there for three months doing a journalism project with Terry Anderson about 9 years ago! I travelled all over from way south all the way up to the Baka Valley. It's such an amazing country, culture...and such beautiful people!

by MAG said...

Hello Avesta! Thanks for visiting my blog and like it! Oh wow interesting to hear that about you and your adventure in Lebanon. I remember when Terry Anderson was in Lebanon :) I'm glad that you like Lebanon :)

Arlette said...

Afaki Magi shatourah bil akel

Zakartini, I need to do some Lebanese Desserts... Its been a while... I need to renew my roots...
take care

MAG said...

Hey Arlette :) Ana mniha w inti? Merci ktir, inti kamen ktir shattoura ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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