Fresh Oysters from Lebanon!

We were craving fresh oysters my sister and I, so we drove to Byblos (Jbeil) and got from one of the fishermen fresh oysters. We bought 4 dozens, came back home, opened a bottle of 'La Dame Blanche' of 'Chateau Kefraya' my favorite Lebanese winery :) and then in no time, ate them all!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they taste great with fresh squeezed lemons :)


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Choosy Beggar Tina said...

Ooh, I LOVE oysters.And white wine. And I ESPECIALLY love your table cloth.

farida said...

Meg, did you eat them raw? I am curious:) It's great that you get to taste the Lebanese specialties in Lebanon.

farida said...

I meant to call you Mag, not Meg. sorry:)

MAG said...

- Thanks Tina :))))
- Hiii Farida. I did eat them raw, very tasty!!!!!!!!

Mediterranean Turkish Cook said...

Oysters are one of my favorite seafoods. They're so soft and delicate!

Nice presentation.

Summer said...


MAG said...

- Nihal, thanks a lot! I am glad that you like oysters :) like me!

- Summer!!!!! 3ala albik as we say ;)Thanks for stopping by :)

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