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I will be back to blogging soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear fellow readers and bloggers :) I have been away for the whole summer and part of fall, but now getting ready to start updating my blog. I moved from Texas to Stuttgart, Germany and we are still settling down. It takes time specially that the kitchen stuff were not around since our stuff were shipped from the US. It took 2+ months :( Also I traveled to Lebanon for a month. That contributed in delaying my blog activity.
Stuttgart cuisine is called Swabian and I might start preparing some of that food during the cold winter season here, we will definitely need comfort food. And of course the beer is something you don't wanna miss here :)
Here are some photos of our out & about eatings :) Including Greek :)


  1. glad to hear from you my friend.

    Looking forward to see your posting soon.

  2. Thank you Arlette for your sweet comment :)



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